Echo Show and Bixby Checklists E531

Echo Show and Bixby Checklists E531

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You are in my pocket being recorded on the Sennheiser Memory Mic as I walk with my dog on the 14th of July, thinking about checklists, and automating routines.

0:35 Why Checklists?

1:02 Checklists on screens.

1:50 Making A Checklist Skill.

2:50 Using Handheld Checklists.

3:04 Sketchnoting Checklists.

3:49 Listener Checklists.

How are you doing your checklists? Do you have one?

4:44 Feedback @topgold

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  1. 00:00
    Recorded with Sennheiser Memory Mic
  2. 00:08
    @topgold Walk and Talk
  3. 01:43
    Amazon Echo Show
  4. 02:52
    Using Bixby
  5. 03:13
  6. 03:47
    What are you using

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